Free Flow Of Yuan In Nigerian Banks What You Need To Know

Edison Rohan Sr. 3 years ago Foreign Exchange

The news that Nigeria has signed a currency deal with China allowing the free flow of the Chinese Yuan amongst Nigerian banks ( is arguably one of the best (or worst?) policies so far of the Buhari Administration.Banks would now be able to settle payments directly from Naira to Yuan, rather than from Naira to black market Dollar and then to Yuan. In fact, an extension of this is that debit and credit cards can now be issued and denominated in Yuan. A sizeable portion of the local Dollar demand is thus eliminated, reducing the pressure on our Dollar reserves.To boost our Yuan liquidity, the Chinese loans being negotiated by the Federal Govt may be availed partly or wholly in Yuan. This will greatly boost Nigeria’s Central Bank and commercial banks’ Yuan liquidity. In fact, the Nigerian and Chinese Govts are reported to have entered into a framework arrangement for currency swaps as a means of providing the much needed liquidity.At current rates of 30.74 Naira to the Yuan, and 6.74RMB (Yuan) to the Dollar, Nigeria would be able to fund its importation at the equivalent of the current official rate of N199/$1.PROS Source

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